Sunday, July 8, 2012

Beyond the Birthday Cake

Last month for his birthday, I asked Tyler what he would like for his birthday cake...

and not being a cake kinda guy, I encouraged him to challenge me and name his choice of celebratory baked good!

What a fun challenge with delicious results!

Not only was his choice warm, tasty and comforting - it was also simple and minimal.  So traditional and yet amazing.

Have you guessed?
Here's a hint

Blueberry pie it is!

I wish I could say I used local blueberries or the delicious ones from my family north of Lake Charles, but alas they were just from the local open-air produce shop that we visit each week.

Even still, the pie was amazing.

But even more amazing was the unique reflection that I now have on the birth of my husband.  Having experienced child birth, I appreciate the gift of his mother carrying and bearing forth her "baby boy."  It seems that I am better able to see my husband for the incredible gift that he is.  A soul that has never before existed and never again will exist.

Tyler is the most amazing man.  He abounds in musical talent, has charm and thoughtfulness that melts my heart, loves Jesus so faithfully, and is the most patient and kind father I have ever seen!  He is Rita's most favorite playmate and the best friend I have ever had.  I am still so tickled that we are able to experience life together.  He teaches me so much.  May I always have my heart open to be formed by Jesus through him.

So in June we celebrated his birthday, but I hope and pray that I celebrate this awesome man always.

Happy 27th Birthday my love!

Have you celebrated your loved ones in a simple way?  Did you find it to still be special?

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  1. Love the sweet post about your hubby! And you look so cute with your baby belly! ;)

    1. Thanks Rachel! He's just so great and probably doesn't get the credit he is due. Oh that belly is so big now! 39 weeks... and still truckin'! I'm thinking I'm one of those girls who carries her babies long every time. And I think I'm learning to be ok with that! God is good.


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