Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Homemade Reusable Cloth Wipes: Easy Up-Cycle

For those of you who are just joining us here at jambalaya, where something new is always in the mix, I have had an endless battle with adding a batch of homemade wipes to our current stash.  Just three dozen cloth wipes.  And for those of you who have been hanging-out here, well, you know...

I couldn't get it together and sew these wipes.  When I finally did just last week... I ran out of white thread.  No big deal right?

I really wanted my wipes to look as nice as these that Rachel at Intentionally Simple posted about, and then a friend encouraged me to stop expecting myself to be super mom during these last few weeks of pregnancy.  (I'll have plenty of time for well-crafted wipes once we settle into a routine after Jonah arrives.) 

Do you know how much I needed to hear that??   
It has been so freeing AND I finished the wipes on the sewing table and threw in some more made from Tyler's worn-out but still useful consons*.  Up-cycling existing cloth is really great.  I am able to save us money, create less waste and avoid crazy nutty consumerism.  The wipes that I purchased before Rita was born are not soft and are made of thin, almost scratchy fabric.  By up-cycling existing cloth into wipes we have better, softer wipes for our bebes.

The thread color is a bit off for the two different sets, but my goodness!  I'm seriously using these to wipe baby bottoms!

I was so excited to be finished I nearly cut-up another receiving blanket to make a dozen extra...and then I thought real hard about how I would love to get to bed before midnight.  Now I'm just happy to be writing this post (talk about a late post!) and equipped with 3 1/2 dozen cloth diaper wipes (most of these were finished last week - which is why the photos are clearing showing fewer than 3 1/2 dozen wipes)!  The 1/2 dozen is courtesy of Tyler letting me repurpose his consons!

So here are the better crafted (as far as size and sewing quality) wipes.  

This up-cycled hospital blanket has me daydreaming (at 11:30pm?) of my sweet boy!

And here are the less impressive and much smaller (oops!) wipes atop the better ones.
HUGE size difference!  But they still do the job.
We enjoy using cloth wipes.  We love not having the expense of wipes every month and have found the cloth wipes to be very handy and multi-purposeful during road trips.  

Give cloth wipes a go!  Even if you use disposables, you could cloth wipes at home very easily and save your family a nice sum of money after a year or two of diapering!

Do you use cloth wipes?  How does it work for you?  If not, would you be willing to try?

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*consons = Cajun French word that can be defined as "underwear"

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