Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Before Baby Arrives: Progress!

Remember the master list I though I needed?

It happens to be working great!  I'm far enough along in my preparations before baby Jonah arrives that simplifying to one list is practical.


1. Mending (will mostly be by hand, so it can be easily started and stopped)
2. Reusable wipes (nearly finished! just about 30 minutes of work remaining :)  )
3. Reusable menstrual pads (have a pattern)
4. Scripture reading 
5. List items on Craigslist (might not be necessary with garage sale in the next week or two) Done!
6. Have a garage sale (very new goal, but necessary) GARAGE SALE NEXT SATURDAY, AD IS PAID FOR AND SCHEDULED TO RUN!
7. Freezer meals (comfortable with what I have done, but hoping to do just a bit more esp. in terms of breakfasts and snacks) ADDED A LUNCH
8. Install carseat (washed and cleaned, ready to be put into the car) BASE INSTALLED
9. Organize scrapbook material (hoping this will be worth it - intent on keeping true keepsakes, not every little thing!)
10. Pack hospital bags
11. Pack Rita's bags
12. Decorate Rita's room
13. Purchase disposable diapers and wipes for when Rita is with family (they prefer not to cloth diaper and are helping us out, so this is an easy way to help them!)
14. Car maintenance (not unexpected, just routine stuff)
15. Put bed frame back in our room (when have had our mattress on the floor as Rita transitioned into her toddler bed - it made it so easy for her to join us if need be, but would be difficult postpartum) 
16. Mail Chaco shoes to be repaired
17. Purchase disposable diapers and wipes for Jonah while we're at the hospital

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  1. Awesome progress! Have fun tackling the to do list this week! ;)


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