Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Good Read On Food Budgeting

I have been reading and reading for months about how to maximize our income to provide the healthiest food at the best prices.  So many of the books that I have read are just repeating and rephrasing information that I have read 100 times online and in other books.

Finally I found a great read with new insight: Family Feasts for $75 a Week, by Mary Ostyn.  It is also a cookbook, and I have had great success with the two recipes that I have used.

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The best part about this book is that at the end of each chapter, Ostyn has compiled a checklist of  goals to choose from that are guaranteed to lower your grocery bill.  The goals are basically summaries of what was discussed in the chapter.  It is so nice to have the information so organized and broken down into steps.  I really needed this help to show me how to begin using new ways to improve our $85 per week food budget.

One goal I chose for this week is to buy two weeks worth of bread from a local breadstore.  Rita and I ventured out this morning and for $4.75 purchased two loaves of Nature's Own Honey Wheat, a bag of 20 Mi Casa flour fajita tortillas as well as a pack of Nature's Own English Muffins!  The best part about our local breadstore is that for every $5 you spend they give you a loaf of free bread!  How amazing is that?  The generous cashier gave us an additional loaf today, even though we didn't hit the $5 mark.  God bless that woman - now I have a loaf of bread to use for french toast!

So, I'm totally a fan of our local breadstore.  I have no idea why I stopped going, but am so glad that Mrs. Ostyn challenged me to make a trip.  We will definitely be going every two weeks, like she recommends (for July I will stock-up for four weeks, since I won't be getting out too much)!

I stumbled upon this great book at our local library - hope you can find a copy too!

We were not compensated to review/recommend this book - just think it's a great resource!

Do you enjoy reading about saving money, especially on groceries?


  1. I've often read about how much money can be saved by shopping at the breadstore but I never do! I don't even know if there is one in my town...I'll have to ask around!!

  2. It's definitely worth the13 minute drive there and 13 minutes back! I figure even the gas that I use is compensated. Priced those Mi Casa tortillas today at the local grocery that has the best prices...I paid less than half the grocery store price!


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