Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Making Time for a Hobby

When Rita was a few months old I started sewing like crazy!  I didn't have any major accomplishments, but enjoyed every project - even the few that became diaper wipes!  Then Rita started scooting, then crawling and now toddling (!) so my sewing time has nearly disappeared.  I have managed to patch a few pieces of clothing, hem a pair of pants and sew a few dozen cloth diaper wipes, but I haven't sewn anything cute and fun!

pinterest: Margaret Wilson: For the Home

With a baby on the way (only 21 weeks to go! time is flying!) I am setting a goal to sew a few nice pieces of clothing for both Rita and the baby.  Let's say three things for both kiddos.

It will be a fun challenge to put myself on a schedule (that works in harmony with Rita's schedule) allowing me to have 15 minutes of personal prayer time (one of my goals for the year) and hopefully 30 minutes of sewing time.  Sewing five times per week for 30 minutes will give me 2 1/2 hours of time!!  That is plenty enough time to sew a garment.  Let's say that each project will take two weeks = 12 weeks of sewing time needed.  This should be a great set-up because I will have those last few weeks to wash diapers, clothes and do other prep work before our wee one arrives!  The deadline for completing my sewing projects is June 9th. 

Making time for a hobby always helps me to be a more balanced individual.  More selfless, patient, giving, grateful, joyful and content.  I am really looking forward to the fruits of my labor - both spiritual and temporal!

Do you make time for a hobby?  What is your hobby? 

Take the challenge, set some guidelines and get started on making time for a hobby!


  1. Sounds like a great goal! I enjoy sewing but know it's so hard with little ones! Paxton just wants to help me. I have a few projects I'd like to work on...maybe one day soon! :)

    And my hobby would be writing, I really enjoy writing and so my blogging time is 'me' time too! :)

    1. Thanks Rachel! I am getting supplies and projects together over the weekend - Monday is "go" day. It is so hard with little ones - Rita delights in sitting on my lap and watching (I know, dangerous) or sitting on the pedal and hearing the machine go!

      Good thing about sewing is you can work here and there on it.

      So glad that your hobby is a blessing to so many and fun for you too! I have always enjoyed keeping a journal and my blog is like a digital, super organized one!


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