Tuesday, March 6, 2012

2012 G.O.A.L.S.: February Update

Here we are!

Happy March, the month of Spring!

I'm enjoying the list of refreshing!  
Oh list-making why did I lose you as a habit for so long?  
I'm a better person when I am following and referring to lists!  :)
Here are the results for February:
Increase in visits to the adoration chapel (weekly, hopefully)
Twice in one month, so sort-of bi-weekly, which is improvement!

Daily family prayer
Hmm...about five days out of seven. 

Teaching Rita the traditional Catholic blessing before meals, the Guardian Angel prayer and the Hail Mary
Working on it and we added the "Glory Be."  Rita now tries to make the Sign of the Cross!! It is such an accomplishment for us as parents and for her sweet pure soul!  She gently taps the top of her head three or four times...and occasionally taps her chest.  Too cute!  The awesomeness of God in my home.

Establishing 15 minutes of conversational prayer time
Not so great this month, our weekly schedule just had a big shift so I will need to rediscover an appropriate time for this. 

Saying as much of the Rosary each day as I can (separate from conversation time with Jesus)
Well, about once a week (maybe twice) I squeezed in a bit of a Rosary.  I did find myself remembering more often that I am aiming to pray it, so good progress here.

Decrease vehicle debt by $1200 (at minimum)
No progress (but hopeful).

Take a family vacation with CASH only.
In the works!  How exciting!  Check-out the BudgetYourTrip button in the side-bar and visit our vacation budget.  It may seem like a generous amount of funding but we are quite sure we won't vacation until the new baby is at least one year old and we did without a vacation last year.  We want to have a special trip just for Rita!  I made sure to over-budget each category because me and Tyler agree we would rather come home with extra than come home with a credit card bill. And then my vehicle broke down in our driveway, so depending on the cost of these repairs we may decide to do a small weekend stay in-state and forgo our more elaborate vacation.  Jesus, lead us along Your will.  Praying a new battery is the answer to my car trouble! Update: All we needed was a new battery. With the eight year warranty and tax our car trouble was totally solved for $104 (we were originally quoted $180 for the battery, before tax and no warranty)!  Praise the Lord for His goodness!

BudgetYourTrip is a great tool that I recently came upon and it is totally FREE!  Great for small get-aways or elaborate vacations.  I am not compensated in any way, just excited and impressed.

*Currently we owe on one vehicle and on our home, so this won't happen in 2012 but we are at the start of the journey to totally debt free living!

Being a SAHM is the greatest blessing, Lord let my lips not complain!
Become great at pursuing gratitude and expressing it at every opportunity
Appreciate our financial stability and practice frugality as part of my job as wife and mother
The beginning of our garden is a great frugal practice.  We also used our grocery budget that has been reduced by $5 each week - so far so good.  For March we are going to drop by another $5, making our grocery amount $90 per week.

I talk way too often
I interrupt even more often
Lord Jesus Christ, remind me of the simple anatomy of my being - two ears and only one mouth
Working on it.

Save, save, save!
Save $6,200 $5,967* for our three month emergency fund  
We have saved $3,033 towards our three month emergency fund!  This is just a little more than halfway!  Praise the Lord for His abundant kindness.  Only $2934 to go!
*We reevaluated our needs vs wants during a time of financial stress and determined we would truly need $5,967 for three months.  It could be less if we scrimp on our consumption of electricity, gas and water and if we do great eating rice and beans; but to be safe, we will stick to $5,967.  
Save $400 for photos with our new baby in July and for family Christmas pictures
No progress.

Hoping you achieve all your goals for the upcoming month!

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