Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Great Chair Recovering

 Ta-Da!  The incredible, thrifty, groovy and successful make-over for ten dollars! 

 Yep, made that pillow and it's part of the $10!

 Close-up!  Isn't that throw pillow fabric inspiring?  For some reason I think back on my ribbon-dancing days...ahhh...the joys of sisterhood!

Ten dollars?

 Yes, this means you can make lunch at home for a day or two, save that money, and use it make-over that piece of furniture that screams, "Somebody love me!"

The Ingredients:

three yards of muslin from Hobby Lobby at 1.99/yard
1/3 yard* of printed canvas from Hobby Lobby at 6.99/yard (approx. 2.33 for 1/3 yard)
hot glue gun (ready at home)
hot glue sticks (ready at home)
fabric tacks (existing from previous fabric on chair)
coordinating thread (ready at home)
sewing machine (ready at home)
stuffing** (ready at home)
 about two hours of time (I have a crawling baby, so you can probably accomplish this in less than an hour)

Yes, I realize I just happened to have the majority of the needed "ingredients" ready at home, but you may be surprised you do too!  Maybe you have the fabric but just need thread and stuffing?  Maybe you just need a hot glue gun and sticks?  Make it work for you.  Make it fun!

Happy Weekend!

*My opinion is that 1/3 yard is the perfect size for a pillow that fits the curve of your back and the nook of your neck. 

**Really, some of the stuffing in the throw pillow is a shredded shirt - adds a denseness that I think helps it hold its shape and stretched the limited amount of stuffing I had available.

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