Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Freedom in Minimalism

Lately I've been reading a good bit on minimalism...and guess what?  It's inspired a cleaner, less cluttered home.  This is still the beginning of our journey but already there are great changes!  With less stuff hiding, consuming counter space and collecting dust I have found it much easier to:
a) keep a clean home
b) keep an organized home
c) identify unnecessary possesions
d) spend less money
e) think
f) communicate with my husband
g) identify a need VS a want* 

* includes a "hey this is awesome and cheap so i shoudn't pass it up!" - think further! what is the purpose? usefulness? need? likelihood to be used?

Other benefits? Less clothing fills the closet.  More spare time to spend  with my baby and I'm embarking on a journey of learning to knit!

Challenge yourself today.  Seek minimalism in one area of your life...and enjoy the benefits!

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