Monday, November 1, 2010

Saints Victory just in time for All Saints Day!

We are all so excited (Baby Thibodeaux included) about the Saints' victory in a close, well-played game. The defense did terrific and after half the offense was finally warmed-up and ready to put a few points on the board. It's always fun to watch the game with Tyler, my brothers and parents. So much discussion, criticism and need I say strange, almost awkward commercials...did anyone else catch that Verizon still doesn't make any sense to me. Anyway, we had a lovely weekend and attended a fundraiser where we were able to see L'Angelus! What a treat! It's been forever (really, over a year) since we've been able to visit with the precious Rees family. Tyler had a great time playing tug-of-war with a slew of children...yep, he fit right in! I just know he is going to have a ball with our little one. Maybe not right at first (those infants do a bunch of sleeping and eating and pooping) but I bet by this spring Tyler will have a cool, new buddy or budette. Attending the fundraiser just reminded me of how great it is to live in a city where we see our Catholic faith flourish. I do hope that all of you have a blessed All Saints Day and have the opportunity to engage in some intercessory prayer with the saint(s) to which you are devoted. Mary, Queen of All Saints, Pray for us!

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