Thursday, November 13, 2014


Moving day is soon here. We close this chapter of our current residence of a two bath one bed house and our three kids, cat, puppy, and seven hens. The animals are coming along. As is my winter garden- all planted in pots in lieu of our home being for sale earlier this season.

As many of you have been before we are living amidst cardboard chaos with the transition of moving in with family and I think this is a fine time to really consider moving this blog to a new place. Naturally, I will keep you all posted!

In the meantime,

Emerson's first toothing made its cutting edge (haha!) appearance yesterday. He is the sweetest baby and these teeth are giving him a hard round. He has three more teeth bulging. Pray his teeth come quickly and easily, will you.

So I should be packing now, but, writing is therapy.

The toddlers are watching Sesame Street Classics. In the midst of the packing we have Netflix again. #love #forever

My baby!!

I can't believe this baby is seven months old!!!!! My heart!

Pray for clarity and unity my friends! We are a' movin'!

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