Friday, May 2, 2014

{sigh} Friday. Amen.

I have fought the "TGIF!" attitude since becoming CEO of ye cottage of 1000 square feet. But I'm not gonna lie, it's gotten harder!
The kids really really miss Tyler. He works long hours (I mean, to me he does). And by 10am I've had multiple (dozens, maybe) requests for Dada to come home. When they were both bee-boppin around they were less likely to miss Tyler but he is the friend of choice now and sooo it's harder to resist "TGIF!!!!" 
Because peeing without anyone offering to wipe me, drinking without my cup being raided like Viking plunder and eating a meal that is warm are all highly precious to me. And soo some days I'm muttering: Geez! Can't it just be the weekend?! PLEASE?!?!?!!!!!! 
And then I do a little self talk about how I need to be content, grateful, etc. I'm pretty proud of the self talk because hello I think that's great I'm at least identifying my childish/crabby ways. Right? Yes. I think so. 
All that to say: I'm so overjoyed it's the weekend

How about some wee baby photos?!
Here is the newest hobbit clocking in at three weeks +1 day. still very much the new kid on the block. 

I know. Adorable. Losing alien qualities every day. Always a nice stage. 

And Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum sporting the tutus 


Ok. Confession. Blogger app on the phone. Apologies (in advance) for ridiculous postings. 


  1. Soooo, soooo adorable. And, yes, I completely understand how much you long for the weekend. It doesn't make you a bad mom, it just makes you a human one. :-)

  2. Thanks Becky!!! He is just awesome.
    And good to hear - I need a good bit of reminding that I'm human ;-) and you are perfect for the job, sweet lady!

  3. He IS adorable! I've been kind of in hybernation mode but hope all is well. Happy June!


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