Thursday, April 24, 2014

Easter Boy

Joyous Day!

As requested by Becky, here are more photos of our Easter Boy! We are all so smitten! 

Current thoughts:
Motherhood is finally making sense.
I'm so excited to continue to grow this precious family.
My kids are awesome.
My husband is amazing.
My husband is the best.
Our gardening this summer might be tomatoes and okra - I'm ok with that.
The kittens next door.
How much I love coffee.
Hoping for a beach trip.
Praying for godparents for our wee boy. (Join us!)

Rita, you are blossoming into such a little girl and so attentive to your brothers. Thank you for your love and patience. You are forever my princess, and I, your fairy.

Easter morning!!

Cannot contain the cute!!
P.S. BEST baby caps, EVAAAAA!

During family Rosary decade Jonah brought Emerson "bed" (bread) and "Jezus" (holy cards).
I was melting.
The love.
The love.
Thank you Lord for all of this love.
For now we are sick. Festival of amazingness this weekend and we just might not make it. I'm still healing (read: very sore) and the budget is thin (end of the month - when will i get better at pacing this?!). Anyway. Loving, love, love, loving being home. Missing my chickens some days but, phases and seasons! Grateful for just having to feed one cat and one fish each day. Low maintenance and simple is perfect for us right now. (Yes, the dog was rehomed. Him:Too huge. Me:Too pregnant. He had a great "fostering" experience here, and I don't regret our decision. Someone called us dog killers…whatever…the dog isn't dead, just living in a rural home where he can actually run his 85+ pound self ragged each day. Not a bad life, and definitely not dead.)

So, trucking along. And loving every minute.


  1. Sooooo cute! Also, I declared at some point that I could either grow a baby (including nursing) or a garden but not both. Kudos to you for pulling off tomatoes and okra!

  2. Congratulations Suzette! So happy for you.

    Re: the dog: my dad is a veterinarian, and he has said more than once, "A dog is not necessarily for life. If it doesn't work out, get it another home." They're not the same as kids!

  3. How did I miss your baby?!!!!! Ahhhh!!!! Congratulations! He is just adorable and I am SO happy for you!


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