Monday, March 3, 2014

Eliminating Unnecessary Housework: Laundry

I'm not a laundry hater. Ok, putting it away is my down-fall but I actually love the sorting, washing and drying.

I read about this mom who stopped folding her cloth diapers and would just throw the clean ones into a basket - and I tried it and loved it. We have since stopped cloth diapering, but the idea of simplifying housework and figuring out necessary vs fluff (can housework be fluff? i'm thinking "yes") tasks has been worth reflection.

I realized that folding bath towels, however wonderfully warm and neat and nice they may be for a whole 1.7 seconds before toddlers descend upon them is a total, utter, waste of time at this point in life.

Enter this image:

Basket on left is all that I need to fold IF I choose not to include bath towels.
Baskets one, two AND three on the right is how much laundry I would have if I kept the bath towels in to be folded.

So, one basket of folding or three....
dooo do dooo do...
easy right?!

One basket, please!

And so all the bath towels are emptied into this large (FREE!) wicker basket some friends of ours demoted from their home. Happy to have it put to use here!

Viola! Less mess, less stress!

What are your tips for eliminating unnecessary work? PLEASE share!! This girl wants to know!

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  1. Nice! . . . For me, the laundry folding situation is the opposite. I fold towels so that they fit in the linen closet. I often don't bother folding the kids' clothes, though, b/c each girl has just two drawers. Everything in the drawer gets unfolded within a day or two, as we rifle through them .


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