Monday, February 24, 2014

How Cell Phones Have Improved My Arguing

Like many people, I almost prefer text messages to phone calls. Phone calls seem so urgent and pressing and...did the ringing phone just wake the baby because I might just sit and cry. I know. Pathetic. So mostly my phone is on silent and I text message. And voice mails? We really shouldn't even pay for the service!


I process better when I talk or write, which has made text messaging a real blessing. I can sit there all hot and angry and "write" a massive message, then put the phone down (away from little people) and come back to it when I've calmed down. 9/10 of the time I just delete the message - it isn't about causing conflict, it's just about the need to express how I feel and if that is to my cell phone, then so be it. 

This has been especially helpful in my marriage. I can look at what I have ready to send and think, gosh that sounds ugly/negative/whiny/ungrateful/bossy and hopefully I reword it or, as mentioned, delete it entirely! We are all the better for it!

Have you found the same thing - that typing (writing) your thoughts helps you to internalize what it is you are actually communicating?

Happy Day 1 of Bloggity Blog Challenge!

P.S. This was a post started in Autumn of 2012!


  1. Your P.S. made me LOL…I've been going through my drafts too ;)


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