Friday, January 24, 2014

On What Matters

We are really really committed to being debt-free. And sometimes that is really really difficult. 

Update/Edit: Sometimes I think the stress now is not as bad as the stress that comes from putting "xyz" on the credit card.

Pardon me!

What I mean is:
the "stress" of keeping a tight-tight-tight budget can seem annoying and I even begin to think that it wouldn't be SO BAD to just put "xyz" on the credit card. Nothing can be further from the truth. Of course, I'm not trying to make my husband feel like a bad provider, but seeing as he really believes in living within our means, keeping the credit card hidden is a great service to our family. Also, this doesn't mean we aren't blundering through some times and use the card here or there. But as wise Mrs. Tracy says- it takes a while to slow the train down!
*I'm not going to say that if we ever have an unimaginable emergency that we would not use credit cards - for now, not using credit cards is our goal - and to one day (dreamy look) have enough saved so a credit card wouldn't ever be needed.


But I know that's Satan hissing in my ear. Tempting.

We can do this! We can! We can!

Does is stink realizing that keeping two vehicles is running the budget dry (ahem, yes, I know, it's only January)?
You betcha.

Do I love looking in my husband's eyes and sharing this debt-free dream?
Heck yea!

Do I love hearing our girl call our 1,000 sq foot home our "big beautiful home."
Oh yes!

Is this all a battle of perspective and contentment?
Sure is!

This day, this life is so much more, SO MUCH MORE than things. These babies we have are eternal.

A second vehicle isn't. Keeping our iPhones isn't. Having a new house isn't.

These little souls are called to be saints and whether or not we can afford Chik-fil-a for them all is totally irrelevant. It's not wrong for me to want to give to them, but it isn't nearly more important than being an example of financial responsibility.

Don't come scootin' next to me devil - I see you. I hear you.

And like our girl tells the "monsters" in our home: Leave this house! Go away!

Because loving my babies, being content, realizing I need to be MORE than content - I should be head-over-heels grateful for this amazing life I have, every day - that is what matters. I cannot let these tentacles of greed surround me. I cannot. I cannot.

So, get behind me Satan. Get behind us. Leave this house! Go away!

Happy New Year! Prayers to all expectant and laboring mothers! Blessings to you!


  1. Sounds like you've definitely got your priorities in order! Thinking and praying for y'all as you work to get out of debt.

    1. Thank you Rachel! I hope your baby-growing is going great!!!!

  2. You should check out the Renaissance blog ( She does a linkup on Fridays for everyone who is seriously trying to live frugally. And she's got a great blog the other days of the week as well! Lots of encouragement to go around...

    1. I look forward to checking this out! Thank you for the recommendation.

  3. keep on keepin' on, Mama! We're there with you, digging our way out...hard? yes. worth it? YES!!


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