Thursday, September 5, 2013

Growing Our Domestic Church {phfr}

Little brown eggs
We are elated to have a couple of eggs here and there. Once we totally finish this pretty chicken tractor there will be no escaping for the egg-layers! We are collecting one-a-day.  I think one hen is holding-out on us, in rebellion to captivity.

My amazing husband built a pallet-based chicken tractor with me!
He totally rocks!
We are overjoyed to announce the coming of a new baby in April!
Praise be to God!
Which, as new life does, has made quite a shift in our plans. And that is good.  

Ree and Jo are just about the cutest ever playing together. They are especially funny outside in the water. Constantly dumping water on one another and squirting each other smack in the face and then erupting into peels of laughter. 

"Morning" sickness has become more intense with each pregnancy, and kicked in a bit sooner each pregnancy. This time around I'm craving pineapple and orange juice but also lots of greasy unhealthy pizza. I'm continuing my running which is so nice and brushing my tongue is a no-no. We thought our third would be a girl (we are so silly and enjoy guessing what will be next) but my cravings are closer to Jo's pregnancy (including cheap queso and corn tortilla chips), but Rita is strong in her guess that this will be a baby girl; time will tell.  For now, the wedding we were hoping to attend has been shifted to a back burner while I struggle through morning (but really afternoon) sickness and car sickness (first time for everything!).  The car sickness is what really has made us discern against attending the wedding.  There is no way to afford flying and I just cannot even tolerate the thought of constant motion for 14+ hours...(shudder)
Would you please pray that I can continue to exercise this pregnancy? That's so very important to me.
Other thoughts...
I tried watching an episode of Breaking Bad, after reading this post and this post, and I was devastated and leapt up in tears, disturbed and heartbroken despite it all "being acting" and "not real," as my consoling husband pointed-out to me (he is such a great best friend to have, and clicked the episode off instantly).  I tried to figure it all out, but I kept finding solid articles praising the show...
Frying our eggs!
And cracked a double yolk the morning we had a positive pregnancy test!!!!

But I can't see Breaking Bad for merely a theater.  I know these situations happen.  I know young ones struggling with parents with hardcore addictions.  It's death.  It's this world, but yet I feel like this is a time to enjoy what is left of Eden and embrace the love and happiness.  My intent is not to escape (trust me, I dwell on the negative far too long), but just to pursue all that is "good, true and beautiful" as a priest friend encouraged me to do.

This all being said, when Kendra wrote THIS POST I was suddenly consoled in a real catholic way.  In that there are other sisters out there thinking like me, and man, that really really warms my heart.  God has so blessed me through the wonderful blogs He has led me to.  It has been great for our marriage (I think, love, do you agree?) that T can see that others feel the way I do, that I'm not some strange alien beamed-down from the planet of Naive.

Speaking of marriage, I'm intent on studying Casti Connubii Leila Marie Lawler style, via the LMLD 2013 Lenten series.  Please check it out!

I sent out this tweet earlier this week, because it was my virtue of pursuit last year, but there is always room (and room and room and room) to grow:
Being the dear that she is, Auntie Leila replied lickety-split and was abounding in good counsel, despite a 140 character limit:
"Respect and admire him."  I just really love that part.

So friends, I am off to study, ok well, first print-out the reading material, and then study the Casti Connubii LMLD posts, *BEFORE* Advent.  Before.  I must.
My studying attempts might turn into funny photo shoots, but that's awesome too,
and Tyler will keep me on track (please dear!).

Have a wonderful weekend!! Happy First Saturday!


  1. Congratulations on the pregnancy!
    I totally agree with you on BB, and thanks for sharing Kendra's post. I can't watch, if it is on in the house it makes my stomach hurt. Better things to put in our heads!

    1. Thank you Mary!

      Yea, definitely a stomach hurt. eeck! Give me some sappy BBC!

  2. Ahhh new baby! Congrats! That's awesome :) We will keep your growing family in our prayers!

    I haven't ever watched Breaking Bad but Jen's post from Conversion Diary ALMOST got me to watch it. I will trust your opinion and not even bother watching :)

    1. Thank you Jen!

      I think a lot is personality if my reactions sound rather familiar, then I think skipping is a great idea!

  3. Congrats on your pregnancy! Yes, submission is definitely the hardest part of our walk as Christian Women. The devil wants us to have enmity between us and our spouse. Big blessings to you for recognizing it and combating him. :D On a way less serious note, we love our chickens I hope you enjoy yours too!

    1. Thank you!
      Yes it is so crazy to see marriages where the wife has become the head. It's enough to get my lazy tail moving when I ponder that. My prayer is that I will be able to be formed into a gentle submissive wife!
      Serious is great with me. :)
      Oh good! Yes they are great for eating-up leftovers gone bad - no guilt, just a meal for the chickens (or the dog or the cats) :)

  4. Good heavens! You have to tweet this sort of news! I am woefully behind on my blog reading. I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!

    Totally cut yourself some slack on the goals. Your primary vocation and mission field is well in hand and the rest will come. :-) And, stop beating yourself up over not liking a tv show. It's a tv show. God is great big and can speak to people in all sorts of ways, through all sorts of mediums. He can speak to some through a tv show and others through a beautiful bloom and it's All Good. :-)

    1. You have such good things to say! Thanks Becky! We are super happy about the baby, and yes I beat myself up over everryyytthhiinggg. How does one move past that? Do tell.


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