Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A Confident and Capable Woman... St. Jane Frances de Chantal

St. Jane Frances de Chantal is my randomly generated patron saint, thanks to Jennifer of ConversionDiary.
Although I have found sources saying St. Jane's feast is the 18th of August, as well as the 21st, the Catholic calendar says that it is today, the 12th of August and so does  So the 12th it is!

Truly I didn't know much about St. Jane until this week.  I'm totally enamoured though.  She and her husband were madly in love and had four children together, but sadly their marriage ended early due to a hunting accident.  He husband was wonderfully forgiving of the man who killed him.  She later established a religious order and put herself under the spiritual direction of St. Francis de Sales.

But to pedal backwards a bit, upon their marriage St. Jane found herself deep in debt with her dear husband.  St. Jane took this upon herself and whittled it away until the estate was productive and prosperous.  And this I find most admirable, because of her, her family was able to prosper despite starting off "in the red."  

What a great model for financial stability and independence!
Even here, in our home, I need to believe that I have a great ability to help our family to prosper.

St. Jane Frances,
Please help me to delight in my vocation.
Teach me to be thoughtful without becoming discouraged.
Pray for me that I can joyfully and hopefully travel upon the path that the Lord has laid-out for me.

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