Sunday, January 13, 2013

WIWS Volume 13 and Time for Recollection

Here we are! Happy Baptism of Our Lord!
Mass was wonderful! Of course we waltzed in mid-ceremony but at least we heard the Gospel!!! 200pts for this family!
Rita only had to be taken outside for a re-group once and Jonah didn't even need to nurse!  All around we blew this Sunday out of the water and the adults actually (gasp! of wonder) enjoyed mass!  Praise you Jesus!

Tyler is missing! But he was handsome as always. 

Shoes: Merona (gifted) (repeat appearance)
Necklace: TVP (gifted by my sweet husband)
Earrings: Silver ball clip-ons (inherited from Granny!)
Hair pin: No idea (gifted)
A simple outfit this Sunday.

What you don't see are pictures from a discussion we had about my nearing excessive "chattiness" (for lack of a better word) with reading, commenting on, and perusing blogs, as well as checking email and spending time replying to people on Twitter.

Yes, I'm a nerd...

Yes, I've gotten carried away...

So when Micaela of California to Korea in my #pray2lose group mentioned doing an internet fast...I KNEW KNEW KNEW that Jesus was nudging me along into selflessness.  And sweet Mary Kate joined in too!  My sweet children look at a luminescent apple probably a bit more than they should during the day.  It's so so so easy to get caught-up!  And get caught-up, I do.

SO this week I will be unplugging (cough, choke, gasp for air) and using my cellphone as a phone and the computer might not see too much action, which is really really really awesome.

I have a stack of books I move around the house with me.  I'm hoping to delve into some for the first time, finish others and just plow through a substantial portion of others.  I'm actually really excited about this.  Really, in a sort of way that feels like it will be very freeing.  Being cell-phone free for the months that we were was really really awesome in so many ways.  I think it will be nice to have some quiet and hopefully put my social media activity back into perspective (and maybe even out the window?).

(And just to say I would MUCH rather my children see me reading a book rather than playing on an electronic device.  I'm much better and faster at throwing gently setting a book down than I am at walking away from technology.)

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  1. I love the Sundays where you walk away content and not feeling like you ran a marathon carrying a 40lb. sack of flour!

  2. love the hair clip, a break is always a good thing as hard as it can be!

    1. Thank you! Yes it has been much more wonderful; than I could have ever imagined.

  3. Happy fasting week! I have made some major cutbacks to my social media time lately. I too was getting caught up in it! Now I give myself about a half hour after work to unwind while Amelia watches something on TV and Joe naps. After that I occasionally pick up the smartphone but besides that I stay offline until they are in bed and often I go to bed right after them lately! I'm not always perfect at it but in general I stick to this plan! It's made a huge difference!

    1. Thanks!! That's such a great system! We are also going to bed right after or even with the kids. We are finished come 8:00pm but are fortunate to have everyone sleeping by 9:30. :) Im grateful you shared what works for you!

  4. OK, it's been a week - where are you??



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