Monday, December 31, 2012

The Eve of a New Year

Spiritually and emotionally this year has been amazing.

Financially it has been a disaster.

I haven't updates my GOALS in so long!

I've learned that a baby, post-partum recovery, a wedding, and Fall and Winter holidays in a five month period are absolutely catastrophic if you are not financially aware of what you're getting into. We aren't drowning in debt and we have been handling the expenses but our savings is zapped nearly all the way and we are going to be rebuilding our emergency fund.

How have we prepared for 2013?

1. Emergency savings has already been set-up to come out of every pay check.

2. Christmas savings has already been set-up to come out of every pay check.

3. Our grocery/toiletry/misc budget has been drastically raised.

4. I am factoring in fun money weekly.

5. I have added a bit of eat-out money each week.

6. By allowing for these expenses that we regularly/often exceed makes our budget more true, predictable and accurate.

7. Realized this: It's better for us (for various reasons) to save a chunk and spend a bit, rather than save a hunk.

8. I am focused on contentment, which seems to inspire me towards repurposing and reusing what I already have.

9. Cash budgeting. Inconvenient. Annoying. Totally totally undeniable.

10. Less is more. 'Nuff said.

Hoping you are living this Christmas!! We are exhausted and re-cooperating, but our tree is lit and our manger displayed and we belt out a Christmas carol here and there! Just simple celebrations of this season!

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