Monday, August 20, 2012

Resting Postpartum

So this posting is a bit delayed...

Having an unmedicated birth was most important to me. That having been accomplished, praise be to God, three days of mostly partial doses of prescription pain medicine and then a swift transition on day four postpartum to Tylenol has helped to ease my amazing body! My recovery this second time around has been much better! Playing super mom the first time around by refusing pain relief postpartum had me healing painfully slow. Modern medicine is beginning to find a place in my life. My prayer is that I can keep a healthy balance.

Now 10 days after his birth I rarely have a need for any pain relief!  Even still, I'm learning the healing power of sleep, rest and pacing myself.

Ok, really, now over three weeks after Jonah's birth I am feeling amazing and I think over-doing it just a bit.  I have to admit we have entered into the "daily grind" and having a nursing infant takes so much out of me.  I feel bad for the lack of patience I have with Rita and my inability to cuddle and hold her at any given time.  This is just a challenge of motherhood, no road block but I'm not pretending it is a perfect transition.

Tyler has been AMAZING!  I tell you, this man is paving his way to Heaven.  He allows me to have "me" time, does house work after an 11 hour day spent on his feet doing manual labor, helps me to spend special time with Rita, goes grocery shopping with me, and manages to find cuddle time with Jonah!  Please Lord, bless Him abundantly!

Anyway, we had a wondrous celebration in the way of my sister's upcoming marriage - bridal shower weekend!  We enjoyed friends and family and celebrating with my sister.  Rita had a ball playing with her cousins and exploring GI Joes.  She had lots of love and attention from her big cousin who was a total blessing for the shower!  But in light of all of our family being in over the weekend, I need to continue to rest.  Rest rest rest!

Have a beautiful week!

Playing "chocolate milk" with her sweet and so patient cousin!
Swinging with her same sweet cousin and holding her "guitar,"  which she rocked-out on during a family jam session. Gotta love that Rita girl!

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