Friday, July 20, 2012

A Quiet Morning

Nothing is more uplifting for this momma than a quiet morning shared with my husband before he is off to work. Making him breakfast and waving goodbye from our front porch put so much peace in my heart. He is so appreciative of a warm breakfast!

Once Tyler is gone for the day, I eat my breakfast in the quiet, say a prayer or two, and enjoy a generous cup of tea (or like this morning a wee cup of coffee).

I have time to prep supper early, review the day and time to just be me, Suzette, which is so precious amidst raising little ones.

My prayer is that all of you young (and "weathered") mothers can find your special time of day. I'm a young mother myself, but I'm convicted that this is wisdom being whispered to me from my grandmothers.  Stories tell of both of them finding time to nurture their spirits and bodies.  Maybe a soak at night? Or a book while your husband puts the kids to bed? Find your time and allow God to penetrate into your heart so that you may be formed into His precious and holy daughter.

Peace be to you!  From me at the kitchen table.

Have a fantastic weekend. Hoping Jonah holds out on starting labor until Sunday evening or later, so that my doctor (who we just love) can deliver with us!

When do you find momma time?  What's the biggest difference you notice in yourself?  I, for one, am MUCH more patient!  Ideas welcomed!

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