Monday, June 11, 2012

Delicious Savings

Last week while I did my cash grocery shopping I stumbled upon a no-brainer deal.

One gallon of organic milk for $1.50!

Know what that meant?  Time for a super huge batch of homemade yogurt!  

Over the weekend Tyler helped me to make-up a batch of our homemade yogurt.  It turned out nice and delicious, and the fact that the yogurt cost us so little made it even more yummy.  Of the gallon (16 cups) I used 12 cups for yogurt.  Price breaks down to about $1.13 for the whole batch of 96 oz.  The craziest part is that I bought Tyler yogurt "on sale" for only $2.00, but because his yogurt isn't homemade and is prepackaged in single serving sizes it is much more costly.  

The store-bought yogurt comes to approx. .08 per oz while the homemade yogurt for me and Rita costs only a shade more than .01 per oz!

Homemade yogurt on the left and store-bought on the right.
Last night we enjoyed our homemade yogurt after dinner.  It was creamy and extra tasty when mixed with diced apple!  

Have you tried making homemade yogurt?  How do you do it?

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  1. I've never made homemade yogurt! Is it hard? Will you share your recipe?

    1. It is pretty simple! If you can do it when there is someone to watch the kiddos for 30 minutes it's even easier and quicker!

      You caught me! Wednesday's post I will be sharing the homemade yogurt recipe we use :)

  2. Has Tyler tried plain yogurt mixed with maple syrup? Yum! He might like it almost as much as store bought!

    Here is a link to a yogurt tutorial- the best part is the comments section where tons of people chimed in with their method of incubation- reading it always opens my imagination.

    I also recommend the book "Wild Fermentation" (the library has it) I found his instructions clear and helpful. I keep a photocopy in my recipe binder for when my brain decides not to cooperate.

    1. Thanks Amy! Good idea! We have Steen's Syrup - that will probably make the cut. :) Thanks for the book recommendation - might be a good one to browse as I spend time nursing!


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