Monday, March 12, 2012

Five Goals for Five Days

Whew!  The last batch of two week goals was not nearly as successful as I hoped.  So, I'm going to start a new set of goals (incorporating any unfinished from previous list).  Planning to complete these five goals over the next five days.

1. Sort through high school and Granny's artwork, bring to/set aside for family or donate.

2. Rearrange me and Tyler's closet. (Purge if necessary)

3. Rearrange me and Tyler's room in preparation for Jonah. (Minimalism is a great inspiration for our set-up)

4. Sort through box of girl clothes. (Choose nice, special, and essential outfits - minimalism in mind)

5. Sort through maternity clothes. (Rita was a Winter baby and Jonah is going to be a Summer baby, which is a totally different wardrobe- minimalism in mind)

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