Thursday, October 27, 2011


Rita spoke her first today!  While she was sitting on the potty this morning to tee tee, she and I read three books.  After showing her the ASL sign for book and putting the books back in the basket,  Rita said "dook, dook."  I momentarily thought that she might  be trying to say book, but seriously doubted the possibility. 

Not too long after I was slicing our fresh homemade bread and  heard Rita repeating something and crawling with definite purpose.  I didn't hear her little hands slapping the wood floor, but heard her chattering.  I walked into our bedroom, and there was Rita sitting with an open book in her lap, which she had taken down herself.  Rita was saying over and over, "Dook! Dook! Dook!" 

Ah! My baby's first real word!! I can't believe it!  Nine months and she says "Da-Da" "Mum-Mum" and now..."dook" (book). 

Hooray for Rita!  Hooray for new phases!  Hooray for a healthy, beautiful family!

Praise you Jesus!

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