Tuesday, October 18, 2011

$5 Find Beginnings

So this is going to be a catalog of the awesome additions to our home that come about and cost a mere $5.
I feel like at a garage sale $5 is plenty but if I walk into a chain store with $5 my confidence all but here we go!

To begin this series...I walked into Target with $5 double a few weeks ago and actually hit a home run!
To start off, I have been wanting to phase-out our current that dishes that chip at every dish-washing.   I'm looking for something brighter and more durable.  Thank you aisle-ends at Target!  I scored eight salad plates for $3.96!
Best part? They are a wonderful limey color!

Second, two square mats at .48 a  piece!  A great way to make clean-up, post Rita "eating," a breeze!  They match our aqua kitchen/dining, yay!

Finally... something really for me! (I do need to admit, I am not one of those women who would be super bummed-out about receiving a kitchen gadget/needed item for a kitchen is a favorite place to be, but really, I don't think Tyler or Rita would fit the bill for my last $5 find ).  A super groovy autumn dress!  Yes, autumn... we are in Louisiana, and that means sometimes at Christmas we are all still wearing short sleeves.  So excited with my new Autumn evening gown...ok, actually a sweet dress that is comfy, nursing friendly and only $4.98!

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