Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Red, White and Blue Bow!

It is an adorable bow on a bright red handband.  Oh! A picture?  Right... well being that I just took a slew of pictures for various items now sitting on Craigslist, I keep forgetting that sweet bow!  It's so adorable and sweet.  Rita looked stunning.
     On the 4th of July we also discovered she is part fish, ok, not really, but my 6 month old daughter (when held on her belly in the water) will cup water with her arms and kick her legs!  Shocking!!!! I have never seen a baby do this!
     Throughout my babysitting career, I was often asked, "What's your favorite animal?"   After being asked this question a million times or so, you decide to have an answer that is good and backed by lots of evidence.  Anyone who has ever had a conversation with a kid under the age of ten knows that they will question you, "Why?" at least a ba-zillion times after you give them a very nice, clean adult-i've-included-all-you-need-to-know-information answer. favorite animal is a dolphin.  They are brilliant.  They laugh.  They can explore the ocean in a way people cannot [Insert a "why?"] Because they can swim without all sorts of special clothes and oxygen tanks! [Again, "why?"] Because they have flippers and special lungs. ["Why?"] Because God made them that way. ["Why?" ... and this last answer is tried and true and usually ends the "Why?" escapade] Because He did.

Oh!  The tangents!  Point of it all?  God blessed me with my own little dolphin!  Rita "swam" like a champ and even did some brave face-dunks to herself.  What a baby!  We are proud to be Americans and water lovers!  Hooray!

Sidenote: Can you believe the female nurses its young beneath the ocean? Whoa!

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