Friday, May 27, 2011

One Hand

To all you nursing mommies out there: let's hear it for the one hand typing that we ALL practice :) Rita is drifting off to a milky paradise and a mound of laundry and an episode of Doctor Who awaits me. Rita and I have been spending time each day in our garden. She finds the outside to be wonderful and even laughs when the trees blow in the wind! Wednesday I harvested our first and only ( I planted WAY late) crop of spinach and threw in a bit from the store to make a delicious salad that we have been eating on for a couple days. It is so yummy and cute! The heat outside made my decision to harvest it, because their growth has been stunted for like two weeks now! We have been enjoying our swiss chard. It has slowed down, but doesn't seem to be stunted like the poor spinach was! We have three tomato plants, all at various stages of growth. Our three okra plants are nearly ready to start blooming and the cucumbers are starting to produce sweet green tendrils that will attach to the fence and then bring us cucumbers for our salad or pickling!
Well, time to lay the baby down.
Happy Friday to all!

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