Tuesday, April 5, 2011


The house is quiet, cool and a bit cluttered but most importantly, quiet. The business of the day is gone and I am left with a few tasks here and there, but my sweet husband has helped so much today! Today I made another year! Wow! I can't believe it's over. This past year has made me a mommy... what an incredible gift that has been. We had a quiet evening, purchased a new refrigerator online, made a few more moves on our ongoing chess game and watched a movie. It was a great day! Mom even treated me and my sweet baby to a trip to the public library! I have plenty of reading to do. In the past week we have adopted a Bassett Hound mix, Rocket, planted part of our garden, and um, watched Rocket dig it up. Yes, it is seeds, not seedlings, but I'm not sure those poor seeds have a chance. All of my garden stakes have become chew toys and Rocket takes pleasure in sneaking about the garden when me and Tyler aren't outside. Hopefully this weekend we can finish fencing, or should I say, Rocket-proofing our garden. I do hope you are all having a good start to those gardens.
Good night and sweet dreams!

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