Friday, April 15, 2011

I'm a Singer girl!

Singer...not the sort that gets on stage and belts it out for the world to hear. Save that for the shower!
For my happy birthday from Mom and Dad I received the newly restored yet wonderfully retro (as it belonged to the Elegant Ethel, my late grandmother) Singer sewing machine. Model 1036. I have had a ball playing with the different stitches, reading the manual (thanks for teaching me that Dad) and sewing a dress for our little Bean! She looks so cute in the first dress and the second is here on the kitchen table with me, with hot pink bias tape as trim and for the arm holes.

Next on board are curtains for our dining/living area; two floral valances to tie-in the color of our kitchen walls and our large burgundy sofa. Our kitchen valance was ordered from TangerineThreads . Check-out Stephanie's cute sewing.
We Love it!
Also, here is the link to the fabric for our new valances, sold by SewFreshFabrics on good ole' Etsy! Peg and Becca of SewFreshFabrics were so quick to respond to messages and have been most helpful so far!
Happy weekend! Hopefully I will have a sweet dress to share with you on Monday...we will see!

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